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Best Way to Optimize Warehouse Storage for Your Business

March 20, 2023 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCommercial Storage

Depending on your type of business and the goals for your move, you may have items you need to store in a warehouse facility. When looking for a place to keep your valuables, it’s essential to find a company that will keep your items safe and secure. At CRS Moving & Storage, our state-of-the-art warehouses are climate-controlled, have on-site security, and use 24/7 surveillance. We dedicate ourselves to efficiently and professionally storing your items, even large or awkwardly-sized ones.

We understand you may worry about storage costs, but we work with you every step of the way to meet your needs cost-effectively. Our caring team wants to help your business continue to grow and succeed during the storage process, so we will help you optimize your storage space to save you time and money. Every business is unique, so we will tailor your storage solutions to make accessing your items easier.

5 Ways to Optimize Warehouse Storage for Your Company

Our clean, dry, fireproof facilities can store almost anything. Our well-trained team keeps your items organized and takes routine inventory so that you always know what you have. In addition to these steps, we implement the following strategies to optimize your warehouse storage space:

Maximize Vertical Storage

Many storage companies store items in large, tall warehouses but do not utilize vertical storage. We use a rack system to make the most of our space. This system can store items like computers, files, and oddly-sized items. Additionally, this system helps us keep your items organized and take accurate inventory.

Contain Loose Items

When preparing your items for storage, you may have materials that do not fit in a set category. Containers help keep these items in one place and prevent them from getting lost or damaged. Containers can also help organize items that already have a box. Instead of throwing items into one container, use smaller containers within a larger one to make them easier to find.

See Everything

While storing your items close together may seem efficient, this can cause important materials to get lost and may force you to waste time looking for an item you need. We organize your valuables to ensure everything is visible and that you always know what you have. This way, you can reorder items only when necessary.

Use Labels

In addition to keeping items visible, labeling everything makes items easier to locate. Labels also help our team organize all your materials and group related ones together. We provide the supplies you need to label all your items and find the ideal way to arrange them in our warehouse so you always have easy access whenever you need them.

Reduce Safety Stock

Many businesses keep overstock in storage in case they sell out of an item, but this can occupy a lot of room in a warehouse. Our professional and knowledgeable team can discuss your safety stock needs with you to potentially minimize the amount and make room for other important items or save you money on less storage space.

Get in Touch With a Skilled Warehousing Professional at CRS Moving & Storage

Whether you’re looking to move your business, reduce manufacturing inefficiencies, or find extra storage, a warehouse may be the right solution for you. However, when selecting a storage company, you should look for one that can handle every aspect of the process. CRS Moving & Storage has the skills and expertise to give you a stress-free storage experience. We always prioritize your business so you have minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Our founder, Mr. Varoukas, has over 25 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. This experience helps us provide top-tier services with national affiliations, like the International Facility Management Association and the New York State Movers & Warehousemen’s Association. With our in-house services and solutions, you don’t have to keep track of multiple vendors and spend any unnecessary costs. To schedule a complimentary planning and logistics session for your storage needs, call (718) 424-6000 or fill out our contact form.

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