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Winter Office Moving and Relocating Tips

January 15, 2021 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCorporate Moving

While the winter season is all about celebrating the holidays and taking out the snow gear, businesses and individuals alike have other plans—moving and relocating offices. Whether due to convenience or the end of an office lease, many companies look for advice on how to execute a smooth winter move.

Although moving in winter does present a few challenges, it’s not impossible. Instead, all it takes is a little strategic planning, and soon you’ll realize that moving in winter doesn’t have to be as hectic as it seems. To help make your winter move easier, here are some essential office moving and relocating tips.

Check the Local Weather Forecast and Prepare Accordingly

In New York, snow in the winter is nearly unavoidable. Before you prepare to move your office, it’s critical to check the local weather report. If it shows that precipitation like snow, sleet, and rain is expected on or prior to your moving date, you must plan accordingly to ensure you aren’t thrown off by unexpected weather and environmental complications.

Start by gathering all the necessary winter supplies you will need. If your company works in a private office or a building that you own, you may be expected to maintain the property, including walkways and entryways. However, if you lease an office, talk to your landlord or the maintenance crew about your move to ensure that your premises are free of hazards.

Typical winter hazards like ice and snow build up on the roads, sidewalks, and stairs. Outside your office, clear snow and ice using shovels or a snowblower. On top of plowing, it’s wise to scatter rock salt before snowfall to keep the snow from sticking. Inside your office, lay down a tarp or towel and turn on a floor fan to prevent water from being tracked throughout the building.

Secure Your Office Belongings Using Extra Protection

In general, moving requires the use of suitable wrapping materials. However, winter moving requires a bit more protection than you would normally use. It’s harder to manage humidity levels in the winter weather and you may find moisture or damp musty odors on all your belongings.

Moisture isn’t the only concern. Winter temperatures may cause items that are more fragile to get damaged. It’s imperative to wrap all items with protective materials. Consider swapping out cardboard boxes for plastic bins. Secure and seal shut all bins with heavy-duty packing tape. Another option is to hire a licensed moving company in NYC to get your packing and moving done right.

Tack on Additional Time for Unforeseen Delays

The biggest obstacle of winter moving is delays. Moving is stressful enough; add delays in the mix, and you may start to feel extremely overwhelmed. Factor in additional time for possible delays on your scheduled moving day, such as icy roads, traffic, and accidents. An experienced moving company will appropriately evaluate road and weather conditions and communicate any delays they foresee along your route.

Pack Up & Move Your NYC Office During the Winter with Professionals

Moving your office in the winter can be challenging, especially if this is your company’s first move. To avoid mistakes down the line, it would be wise to call local, insured, and reputable movers. CRS Moving & Storage is trusted by thousands of clients in the NYC area. Our team will walk you through the process step by step to ensure a successful winter office relocation. From packing up your office supplies to moving day office cleanings, we do everything so that you can sit back and stay focused on work.

At CRS, we believe office moves, regardless of your company’s size, don’t have to be a hassle that costs your business a considerable amount of time and money. Our highly trained and respected crew will work efficiently and effectively for a seamless move. Request a free phone or video consultation by calling (718) 424-6000 or completing our contact form to get started today.

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