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5 Reasons Offices Need Furniture Liquidation

September 15, 2022 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsCleaningCommercial Storage

Furniture liquidation can be helpful for company offices for many reasons, including the added benefit of relocating seamlessly and removing unneeded belongings. At times, furniture pieces and office equipment can pile up, become outdated over the years, and take up company storage space. Many companies benefit from the liquidation profits, furniture disposal, and organization within their relocation plan by opting for a furniture liquidation service. 

Depending on your inventory, the types of furniture you own, and your future business office goals, there are different reasons to consider furniture liquidation. At CRS Moving & Storage, we offer reasonable moving and storage solutions. Our skilled team may help you put the best foot forward in an office move and incorporate furniture disposal and liquidation services to benefit your company and help you accomplish your transition. 

5 Reasons Offices Need Furniture Liquidation Services

When you have office furniture to get rid of, liquidation is the process of selling or donating the items to help you do just that. For business owners, whether you own a small office or large corporate structure, this part of your relocating process may scale your business up or down. 

1. Getting Rid of Unwanted Furniture for Business Profits

The most likely reason many companies consider furniture liquidation is for profit. If you move your office and need to get rid of unneeded inventory, you may recover some income from selling your belongings. Many offices operate with cubicles, shared spaces, desks, and a variety of furniture selections. Depending on the value and quantity of furniture, liquidating these items may be financially beneficial. 

2. Furniture Disposal Needs Throughout the Relocation Process 

When trying to sell or liquidate furniture, some items may not have value to sell. In these cases, trying to sell online, donating or finding other ways to get rid of furniture you don’t need can help you in the disposal process. Some furniture liquidation companies offer services like furniture disposal. Regardless of the case, our CRS Moving & Storage team may help you quickly dispose of your old furniture with loading, unloading, and transportation services. We’re an all-in-one moving and storage company that may be the help you need for a seamless transition. 

3. Upgrading to Newer Furniture and Functional Office Pieces

Moving to a new office space or location can be fun and exciting for business owners and their staff. Moving to a new space can sometimes change your layout or office space structure. Switching from cubicles to an open space or different setups can cause your business to need new furniture and get rid of the old. In these cases, liquidation can help you tackle the furnishing aspect of your new location. By eliminating old or unwanted desks, tables, seating, chairs, and other furniture through liquidation, you may find room for new opportunities. 

4. Downsizing a Business or Company Location

Businesses can change locations for different reasons. In recent years, many companies have felt the economic challenges and resorted to downsizing to keep their company afloat. Downsizing can be a significant aspect of transitioning because of inventory reviews, liquidating unneeded furniture and office items, increasing storage opportunities, and finding a new space that accommodates business and staffing needs. 

5. Switching to Remote or Global Scale Business Operations

Organization and function are critical to any business’s success. At times, retiring a physical office space or location and expanding within remote operations can positively impact a business. If you are transiting out of traditional office locations and spaces, furniture liquidation can help you eliminate all your unneeded furniture. Many business owners can benefit from the profits of selling old items and not having to worry about storage solutions. Whether your employees are switching to remote work or a hybrid-work model, furniture liquidation may be an added benefit in the process.  

CRS Moving & Storage Completes Office Furniture Disposals for NYC Businesses

Whether you sell or donate your unwanted furniture, CRS Moving & Storage may be the help your team needs to transport your unwanted furniture. We have the tools, resources, and workforce to relieve you of any furniture and office relocation effort. Our founder, Michael Varoukas, brings 25 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best service and reliable solutions throughout New York. 

At times, furniture liquidation and disposal may prove to be costly because of labor, transportation, and service costs. However, partnering with CRS movers may help you avoid unnecessary expenses and unreasonable costs associated with other vendors. Our trustworthy team can help you evaluate your office relocation needs with a free quote and assessment and determine the next best steps. To schedule a logistics and planning assessment, complete a contact form or call us at (718) 424-6000

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