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Small Business Inventory Storage and Management

In business, it seems there’s never enough storage space to go around for all the products coming and going. When you add on the additional demands for files, office equipment, production materials, and everything else that comes with running a successful corporation, space becomes a necessity.

 CRS has the ideal solution by offering short and long-term inventory storage and management solutions for corporate clients. We have conveniently located storage facilities in Maspeth, Queens, and in the nearby Midtown Tunnel in Long Island City. Trucks of any size won’t have difficulty accessing our facilities thanks to our locations being next to major expressways.

CRS Handles All Types of Business Inventory Storage

At CRS, we understand that business storage needs come in all shapes, sizes, and demands, so we offer flexible solutions. We provide more than just a place to put your vital assets, including the supportive services that often go with inventory management, like: 

  •     Warehousing
  •     Records retention
  •     Containerizing
  •     Product distribution nationwide
  •     Receiving services


From small start-ups to global corporations, we have the facilities and experienced staff to keep your business inventory processes streamlined and efficient. CRS works with you to determine the best storage options for your needs.

Business Storage Options

Many of our clients are looking for a simple solution to hide away files, excess inventory, and general office equipment and furnishings. Often our standard storage bays work perfectly for items that don’t require inventory management services other than an itemized list of what’s in your unit.

Professional Warehouse Storage for Business Products and Equipment

Whether you’re in the middle of relocating your office or want a more permanent inventory management solution, our team of knowledgeable project managers will help you develop an ideal system to track your goods. You’ll always know where and how much of your product is in storage. We track every item you entrust us with and offer distribution and receiving services, so you never have to worry about transportation.

Advantages of Using Small Business Inventory and Management Services

Just saving space alone might seem like a true value when your company chooses CRS to manage and store equipment and product inventory. The reality is that there are numerous additional benefits for using an off-site service to assist your storage needs.

Small Business Inventory Storage and Management Saves Money

Instead of considering a larger office space for the sake of keeping products onsite, CRS brings you the added value of a trusted inventory management system that saves you time and money. Let us take the burden and inefficiencies of storing products, files, and even office furniture to free up your manpower and onsite facilities for more important things.

CRS Has Conveniently Located Small Business Inventory Storage Locations

If you’re in the New York City area, CRS has convenient storage locations in New York City, Staten Island, and the Tri-State area. This allows you 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art facilities at all of our secure sites.

Small Business Inventory Storage and Management is Flexible

Business is unpredictable and that’s why CRS offers solutions that easily adjust to sudden growth and space demands. Does your company need to consider one of our other locations due to an upcoming relocation? We’ve got you handled! There isn’t any job too small or too large that we can’t help you accomplish.

New York City Inventory Storage and Management You Can Trust

Small business storage needs a reliable inventory management process to ensure that your assets are safe, organized, and accessible when you need them. CRS has a seasoned team of project managers ready to help you plan, budget, and arrange for your corporate storage needs. Whether it’s a new product shipment needing a place to stay until launch, or you simply have too much documentation kept onsite, we’re here to help.

 We can help you plan every step of this process and deliver the quality services you need to hold your inventory for safekeeping. Contact us today for a FREE move plan and logistics session! Let us help you get started now to make tomorrow easier. Contact us today at (718) 424-6000 to learn more about our commercial moving and storage options for your small business needs.

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