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Office Furniture Installation

Companies relocating to new office spaces often leave behind outdated workstations and plan for the installation of more modern equipment. This is a demanding project for any business to undertake on their own. It’s vital to work with a commercial relocation service that has the experience and manpower to handle reconfiguring, assembling, and even customizing these office furniture systems correctly.

CRS is Your Office Furniture Installation Solution

From cubicles to IT workspaces, CRS has helped transitioning businesses avoid the time-consuming process of pre-move renovations by using our experienced installers to get the job done. Our team of skilled technicians is efficient and knowledgeable about all the major office furniture brands out there. We want your employees to avoid minimal disruption and settle into their new surroundings comfortably and seamlessly to reduce downtime in your operations.

CRS makes this possible through several service features we provide:

Constant communication between our team and the furniture manager

  •     Daily photographic updates from our installation foreman
  •     Daily Status Updates via Photographs from Foreman
  •     Pre-Installation planning, tagging, and site inspection
  •     Seamless coordination between CRS Moving Team and CRS Installation Team
  •     Interface with Client GCs, Data and Electrical Vendors for Clear Process
  •     Clean Installation Site at all times
  •     Product Maintenance: Wipe Down, Cleaning, Repair, Touch Up, Re-Upholstery
  •     Precise Field Cuts/Scribing Skills
  •     Dismantling, Disposal, Liquidation
  •     Window Treatment Installations
  •     Day 2 | Post-Installation Services

 Our team of planners, managers, movers, and installation techs bring the training and hands-on experience you need for a smooth moving and office furniture installation experience. By offering a one-stop-shop approach to your commercial relocation needs, we help you avoid the frustration that comes with having multiple vendors. There is no need to act as a liaison between different companies to successfully create your new office space and install needed equipment and furniture. We handle it all.

Office Furniture Installation Made Simple

As trusted commercial movers, CRS understands every corporate project we manage is vital to the company counting on us to get the job done. That’s why we bring you diligent technicians who have years of office furniture installation experience across many brands and manufacturers.

You can have confidence in our installation techs’ abilities to assemble furniture systems and pieces by some of the below companies: 

  •     Allsteel
  •     Herman Miller
  •     HON
  •     Kimball
  •     Knoll
  •     Steelcase
  •     Teknion

 From complex systems projects to multi-floor and multi-phased projects with every level of private office product, CRS Installations is the well-versed team that delivers consistent and outstanding results.

We have your office furniture installation needs covered, including:  

  •     Project pre-planning and dedicated management
  •     Assembly or reassembly of standard office furniture
  •     Installation of modular furniture products and systems
  •     Installation of space-saving shelves
  •     Reconfiguration of your current furniture in your new location
  •     Providing installation professionals across many industries

 Before we even begin the process of your office furniture installation, we will ready your new space. From the disposal of existing furniture to cleaning the new office area, we will take care of necessary site preparations prior to starting installing your new work areas.

Benefits of Professional Office Furniture Installation

The time spent on planning and preparing for office renovations or new furniture installation can add up quickly without using a commercial installer. CRS appreciates how valuable your time is and can take your project demands and get it done quickly and efficiently. The advantages of relying on us to handle the installation of your furniture are well worth considering before attempting to do it yourself.  

CRS Is An Experienced Office Furniture Installer

We have years of experience and can anticipate issues that might arise and take preventative action like quality checking your furniture ahead of installation. Sometimes reconfiguration is necessary, and our technicians have the training and expertise to help maximize usage of your space.

Office Furniture Installation Requires Trained Professionals

Don’t rely on your team to assemble thirty office chairs to only find out later a part was missing or installed incorrectly. CRS uses trained professional installers who are familiar with the mechanics and assembly of popular office furniture brands and systems and can prevent this from happening.

CRS Office Furniture Installers are Licensed and Insured

It’s important to know that the team you hire to assist in renovating your space with new office furniture has appropriate licensing and insurance. You want professionals that can do the job safely and correctly and have coverage if anything should happen.

Let CRS Plan Your Upcoming Office Furniture Installation

Whether you’re simply updating an outdated workspace or you need an entirely new office furniture system installed prior to relocating your business, CRS has the professional team you need to do the job. Our company has completed more than 100 commercial relocations that required everything from warehousing services to assembling cubicles according to a pre-planned office space layout.

 We have the solutions you need to make your office furniture project quick and easy so your employees are ready to work. Speak with one of our moving professionals about your office furniture plans today and find out how CRS makes it a seamless process. We offer a FREE move plan and logistics session to our clients so we can better assist you from start to finish. Call us at (718) 424-6000 or email us to learn more.

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