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September 2019 “Move of the Month”

September 25, 2019 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsMove of the Month

Moves of the Month September 2019

CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.’s moves of the month are a: Wine and Spirits Distributor, Antique and Arts Gallery, Game Developer, Garment Company, Bank, Law Firm, Furniture Dealer, and a Financial Firm (to name a few!)

CRS wanted to share some of their move projects and experiences.

 There were too many to pick only one!

What Are Their Relocation Profiles?

Relocation Profiles:

  • Wine and Spirits Distributor

o   Disassemble, move, and reassemble over (30) workstations

o   Disconnect and reconnect all IT Equipment and Desktop/Monitors

o   Remove & Liquidate over (3) Truckloads of furniture

  • Antique and Arts Gallery

o   Assist staff with packing, protecting, and preparing (4) Truckloads of fine arts, antiques, and furniture for storage.

o   (4) Truckloads to move

o   (4) Truckloads to inventory and store

  •  Furniture Dealer

o   Receive multiple shipments

o   Deliver, stage, strip, and install product to outfit a full office (Reception Area, Conference Rooms, 20 Staff/Workstations, etc.)

  • Garment Company

o   Assist staff with packing services of garments and product

o   (3) Truckloads to move

  •  Game Developer

o   Moving a popular game developer (i.e. Fortnite and Gears of War)

o   High end IT Equipment, Desktop Towers and Monitors

  • Bank, Law Firm, and Financial Firm

o   Multiple moves, including furniture, contents, electronics, and furniture refinishing

How Did CRS Movers Help Transition These Companies? 

CRS Movers during SeptemberCRS had a busy September! As listed above, there were many clients that needed a variety of services, and a company to put a plan together that was cost-effective and efficient.

For example, one of the Financial Firms that CRS moved had more than 10 Office Suites to move internally and needed each piece of furniture refinished. CRS was able to complete the move within 4 hours and spent the remaining day refinishing the office furniture so it looked brand new in the new office. Instead of buying new furniture, this allowed the company to save costs and repurpose their existing furniture.

The Wine and Spirits Distributor needed the full package when moving internally. Instead of multiple vendors sharing an elevator during straight time hours trying to get a job done, CRS was able to complete the project in under two days. The client was looking for this service because of cost and convenience. Instead of researching and vetting three vendors per service needed between moving, liquidation, and furniture reconfiguration (3 services, 9 total vendors), the Wine and Spirits Distributor went with CRS to accomplish the whole project on time and on budget.

An Antique and Art Gallery needed the best team and protection possible to make sure their incredibly expensive and valuable items were packed, prepared, transported, and stored carefully and safely. This client also reached out on a Friday at 6 p.m. for work to start that following Monday at 8 a.m. CRS advises clients to reach out farther in advance of each project, to plan the right way, and to save on time and cost, but CRS was still able to support this Antique and Art Gallery with the quick turnaround request.

Were These Moves by CRS Movers a Success?

The projects listed above weren’t the largest in overall size, but each had a unique scope of work and required a designated CRS Team to come up with the most cost-effective and efficient move plan and proposal, oversee and manage the project from start to finish, and ensure each client had a stress-free and successful moving experience

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