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October 2019 “Move of the Month”

October 30, 2019 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsMove of the Month

CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.’s move of the month is a Dermatology Company with offices across New York and New Jersey that had to relocate from seven offices to twelve new locations.

What Is the Dermatology Company’s Profile?

 Relocation Profile:

  • Dermatology Company 
  • 15 Locations of inventory to manage 
  • 20+ Truckloads of electronics, medical equipment, and furniture to move 
  • 25+ Truckloads of equipment and furniture to remove and liquidate 
  • $450,000+ value of medical equipment to move 
  • 3,650+ miles traveled

How Did CRS Movers Help Facilitate This Expansion?


CRS relocation

One of CRS’ Partners (an IT Company) reached out a few days prior to one of their client’s massive relocation projects.

There were more than 1,025 line-items of product to inventory and sort through, 15 total locations to confirm move logistics for and a cost-effective move plan to be developed — and only 48 hours to schedule it all, dispatch the CRS Team, and get started.

CRS assigned one of their key Project Managers to this move, to oversee the project from start to finish, work directly with the client to assist with any changes or last-minute requests, and ensure that the project was running as smoothly as possible (given the complexity involved with this move).

Each location had anywhere from two and eight truckloads of contents, furniture, and equipment to pack and move. Out of seven offices, each office had twelve stops, dropping certain items off at each location, from New York City all the way down to South New Jersey (near Philadelphia).

Was This Move by CRS Movers a Success?

With CRS’ detailed inventory and labeling system, all 1,025 line-items had a designated location and were loaded in the trucks in the right order (from front to back), to ensure there was no downtime at each drop-off.

After two weeks of work, CRS kept the project on track and finished two days earlier than anticipated, saving costs for the client.

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