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July 2019 “Move of the Month”

July 30, 2019 by CRS Corporate Relocation SystemsMove of the Month

CRS-Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.’s move of the month is CRS! CRS has acquired 15,000 square feet of additional warehouse space, going online in August, currently being built to specification. While continuing to support all partners and clients, CRS will be focused on consolidating warehouse and operations space to their new location.

TO learn more, read our Q&A with Michael Varoukas, CEO of CRS and Dimitri Mortsakis, CRS’ Director of Sales & Marketing.

What Are The Details of CRS Movers’ Relocation?

Relocation Profile:

  • World-Class Office Moving and Facilities’ Solutions Company
  • 15,000 additional square feet in warehouse space
  • 100+ Truckloads to move and consolidate
  • Warehouse and Office Design and Build
  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • New York, Queens Location

July Move of the Month

Dimitri Mortsakis (DM): “Hey Michael, exciting month coming up! I know you have been preparing for a major project, and I would like to spend some time with you to share the news.”

Michael Varoukas (MV): “Dimitri! Yes, overall as a company, we have been experiencing incredible growth, strategic and positive change, and looking for new ways to expand. In just a few weeks, we will start consolidating 15,000 square feet of storage space into one, new, built to specification, warehouse.”

DM: “This will allow us more opportunities to support our clients, and it will be a fresh start to 2020 – new year, new warehouse, new office. How do you see this warehouse impacting our business?”

MV: “In many different ways. Like you said, not only is this another way to continue to support our clients, but it’s reinvigorating my company and staff. It has been over 5 years since we last moved our Operations Team, and this is a positive change. This change will also allow us to restart our entire warehouse operating system, ensuring that we are maximizing our space in the most efficient and safe ways possible.”

DM: “Before we move on to the next topic, I would like to spend a quick moment on your warehouse operating system. Could you expand on that?”

MV: “Yes. As we all know, technology is continuing to impact and change our lives on a fundamental level. I have been in the moving business for over 40 years — we didn’t have smartphones back in the day! We have explored many options and have decided on the right software to move forward with for now for inventory management and warehousing. This allows our Operations and Warehousing Team to have more control of what is coming in and out of the warehouse (inventory, equipment, etc.). Also, building out our warehouse with the right shelving, maximizing capacity, is critical. We are working with some of our partners on space planning and execution as well. It is all coming together!”

DM: “It will be nice to have more control, and with the right technology, we can use the data from inventory management to make better decisions in the future, especially when it comes to inventory and equipment that is coming in or out of our warehouse. When you say our partners, working on space planning and execution, what does it take to build out a warehouse?”

MV: “It takes a lot! I’ve built out my warehouses a few times in the past. It takes a focused and creative vision of not only how you want it to look, but also operate. The facility can look great, but if it can’t operate efficiently, it won’t work. We have a large network of close partners that we trust on a daily basis with our clients to do the right work, so it wasn’t too hard to find who was going to assist us with the office build-out, some new furniture, IT services, etc. Since we move companies, we have the staff, infrastructure, and ability to complete most of the work in-house, but we are fortunate to have partners that are willing to help, especially with the design and planning stage.”

DM: “It sounds and looks like a beautiful new space, with top of the line shelving systems, inventory management software, warehousing, and operations staff, temperature control, lighting, and security. Who do you think will be most interested in the new facility?”

MV: “We are still figuring that out. There are such diverse clients in the New York City market and in the United States in general. Many different businesses have a variety of products, boxes, files, furniture, whatever the items are, that need to be held in storage for many reasons. Some clients outgrow their space and don’t know what to do with their furniture or contents, but need somewhere safe, secure, and accessible to keep everything. Other clients are moving offices, or renovating their current office, and need a temporary location to hold most of their office contents and furniture until they are ready to move. We have companies that have thousands of files, and for legal reasons have to hold on to those documents for a certain amount of years before document destruction, and since we can provide that document destruction service when the time comes, they find that convenient and useful as well. The point is, no matter who the client is, we will always have a conversation. If it makes sense for CRS and it is in the client’s best interest, we are always happy to offer our storage services.”

What Does This Move Mean For CRS and its Workers?

DM: “Do you have any fear that the transition will disrupt any current projects, our Operations Team, or CRS as a whole? Change can lead to growth, but are you worried about anything in particular with this move?”

MV: “Those are great questions, and the easy answer is no. As a business owner, taking risks is part of my day to day responsibility, as long as those risks are in the best interests of the business. I am working with our Operations Team and Warehouse Manager on minimizing any risks that would limit our Operational Capacity, meaning additional cost to move on weekends or off-hours when client projects aren’t scheduled. We are strategically moving, like every project we oversee, which allows us to continue to grow while making this change. No client should be worried. We have been moving companies for 17-plus years, this is just another project.”

DM: “Everyone in the office is excited. This may change the day to day commute, but other than that, this is a brand-new warehouse, with everything built to our specification. Would you agree that our team sees this as not just a new warehouse/office, but a new opportunity for personal and professional growth within the company?”

MV: “One-hundred percent. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone is and should look at it that way. For a small business, this is a huge step forward. We have been growing steadily for the last few years, but in the last year alone, we have accomplished so much. We have a concrete foundation for 2020, not just the new facility, but as a business. I can’t wait to see what we can do this year, and this decade!”

DM: “I’m excited too. When should we be finished moving and fully operational at the new facility?”

MV: “By November 2019, we will be in the warehouse.”

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