When planning your office relocation, you may find you have pieces of furniture you won’t need in your new space. In this case, our liquidation services can help. Liquidation acts as a way for you to get rid of the furniture you don’t want by recycling, selling, or donating it. We ensure your furniture is broken down properly, moved out of your previous space, and repurposed. We treat your items like our own even when you no longer need them, so they remain in good condition. Get in contact with our Brooklyn office furniture liquidation today.

Our CRS Moving & Storage professional team has over 15 years of experience providing top-notch liquidation services to the Brooklyn area. We work with you to develop cost-effective, customized solutions to keep your company organized and make the transition to your new space as smooth as possible. Liquidation may seem confusing, but we can help you understand how it works and how it can benefit your business.

How Does Office Furniture Liquidation in Brooklyn, NY Work?

We understand the ins and outs of the liquidation process, so we know it requires planning. Therefore, when we begin discussing your move with you, we cover the possibility of liquidation and if you have any furniture you want to leave behind. We help you take inventory of your items and decide how you want your new space to look and feel. 

Once you have decided what you no longer want, we implement steps for liquidation into your moving plan and work on breaking down the furniture to prepare for selling or donating. We can manage all types of furniture for liquidation, including the following:

  • Desks
  • Cubicles
  • Office chairs
  • Other seating
  • Tables
  • Workstations
  • Cubicles
  • Office equipment
  • Shelving
  • Filing cabinets

When packing up your unwanted office furniture, we take great care in preventing any potential damage in transit. Additionally, our office furniture liquidation in Brooklyn clears up and tidies your old office of any other clutter with our high-quality cleaning services.

What Are the Benefits of Office Furniture Liquidation in Brooklyn?

We want to help you make decisions that will help your company grow and succeed. One way your business can improve upon moving is liquidating unwanted office furniture. Doing so keeps you more organized, and decluttered spaces often make for decluttered minds. Brooklyn office furniture liquidation also presents the following benefits:

Freshen Up Your Office

If your furniture is outdated or no longer functional, it may be time to say goodbye. Getting rid of the items that no longer serve you or their intended purpose allows you to start fresh. Your team may be more motivated, productive, and creative with a renewed and refreshed office look. With less furniture you do not need, you also have more space to declutter and functionally arrange your office.

Greener Process

When you throw away your unwanted furniture, it often ends up in a landfill. Liquidation is a much more environmentally friendly alternative because it repurposes your furniture. Another business may use it, or it can be recycled. This allows you to potentially help other businesses while reducing your carbon footprint.

Less Lease Hassle

Every lease is different, including requirements for moving out. Some leases require you to liquidate all your office furniture, for example. No matter your lease requirements, we are prepared to take on any liquidation challenge and avoid any trouble with your lease. We also thoroughly sanitize your old space, leaving it “broom clean.”

Budget-Friendly Option

Office relocation can be expensive, but liquidation allows you to avoid unnecessary costs by leaving behind furniture you do not want. Instead of paying to move all your furniture, you can leave unwanted items behind. This also helps avoid any damage to the furniture, keeping it in good condition for selling or donating.

How Can CRS Moving & Storage Help Your Brooklyn Business Relocate?

Relocating your office can be stressful, and it takes a lot of planning and time. When looking for a moving company in Brooklyn, you deserve a service that makes the process easier for you. CRS Moving & Storage is a one-stop-shop, handling all aspects of your move, including furniture liquidation and the following:

  • Free moving plan and logistics session
  • Customized plans that fit your needs
  • Protective packing equipment like bubble wrap, boxes, and tape
  • Packing services
  • Inventory tracking
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Company-owned trucks
  • IT relocation
  • Relocation of any size to any location in the continental U.S.

We support you through every stage of your move, from planning to configuring your brand-new office. In our pre-relocation meetings, we also discuss your budget and analyze what services work within your ramifications. No matter your budget, we are committed to providing you with the best possible moving experience.

Contact Our Brooklyn Office Furniture Liquidation Today

Office furniture liquidation is a useful solution for businesses looking to get rid of unwanted furniture in a cost-effective way. However, finding the right liquidation service can be challenging. At CRS Moving & Storage, we offer liquidation services in addition to our complete moving package, eliminating the need for outside vendors. We support you through your entire move with our customized, budget-friendly plans.

Our efficient and reliable movers have over a decade of experience moving thousands of businesses in the Brooklyn area. Therefore, we have the skills and knowledge to successfully execute relocations and liquidations of all sizes and scopes. Give us a call at (718) 424-6000 or fill out our contact form to start planning your office relocation today.